A long awaited presence… Janet McShain joins the digital age.

Janet McShain has nine children, so it is understood if she is not constantly up to date with the latest technology. For that reason you may not have realized that the internet has been missing a vital piece of the art world with Janet not having a presence online. However, at long last, her works are ready to be shared with the greater online art community.

Janet has been a mother for over 50 years but has been an artist for much longer. Her keen eye and impeccable understanding of form allows her to perceive immense beauty where many never knew to gaze. Her ability to take that which we all see and bring it to life through canvas is why she is one of the most remarkable fine artists in the Philadelphia area. And she’s been here for decades.

Whether it is the vivid colors of Cape May houses or the sweeping skylines of the Philadelphia cityscapes, Janet McShain has an undeniable talent in creating works of art that stun, inspire, amaze, and embolden us to live more fabulous and see the world more brilliantly. Follow along here as she continues to paint and post her masterpieces for all the world to see.

Peruse through her beautiful works of art here at JanetMcShainArt.com. Do not delay, for there is but one original and it could be gone before you know it.


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