Artoberfest 2017 A Success

The rain poured down like the heavens were angry. For hours upon hours it thundered and spewed forth buckets of torrential rain. There was no going outside that day. There would be no outdoor art shows. Fortunately, the rain came on Sunday and Artoberfest was Saturday, the most beautiful fall day yet. 

Over 100 people attended Janet McShain’s inaugural Artoberfest. In attendance were people from as far as Seattle, Denver, and Massachusetts to experience Janet McShain’s inspiring works. There were even a few senators and state representatives that wanted to be a part of the excitement. 

In every aspect it was a success. Beautiful paintings were bought and brought home to each buyer’s delight. Over 14 pieces were sold on the day. Janet McShain’s work is flying fast. For good reason too. 48 paintings were showcased on the Townsend House grounds but many of the ones sold were from the vast collection that resides in the McShain Studio Gallery

Want to take a tour? 

Dennisville awaits. Email the artist at to find out how you can take home one of these masterful pieces of art and make your home or office a place of beauty. Move fast or the sun may set and the piece you love may end up with someone else. 

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